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8 August 2017

Worcester, Mass. – The Mount Carmel Preservation Society has pledged its support to the community of Notre Dame des Canadiens Church in Worcester, Mass, and strongly objects to the Planning Board’s approval for mixed-use development on the landmark site.

Society President Mauro DePasquale has urged local developers to preserve the historic building as part of their plans to build on the site.  “Take a stand for community, for our history, for valued development, for beauty and cultural experience of what IS Worcester. Save Notre Dame,” DePasquale said.

Notre Dame is an irreplaceable part of Worcester’s Catholic history.  More than thirteen thousand petitioners have united to protest the destruction of Mount Carmel Church; they lend their voices to those of the community of Notre Dame in demanding that this beautiful building be preserved.  Notre Dame, like Mount Carmel, represents a direct link to Worcester’s immigrant heritage; preserving these landmarks would demonstrate the city’s commitment to its own sacred past.

The Mount Carmel Preservation Society continues in its efforts to fix the church and save the parish.  They remain committed to protecting Worcester’s beautiful and historic architectural legacy.

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July 13, 2017

Worcester, Mass. – The recreation center at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church remains at the center of community life in Worcester – for all but the members of the Mount Carmel Preservation Society.

The diocese of Worcester continues to allow the Shrewsbury Street Neighborhood Association and other local groups access to the recreation center’s facilities for monthly meetings, but Msgr. F. Stephen Pedone continues to bar the parishioners of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and the members of Mount Carmel Preservation Society from the building.

Mount Carmel Parishioners are still reeling from Msgr. Pedone’s recent attempts to market the property to commercial real estate firms while the Preservation Society’s appeal to the Vatican remains active.

The Mount Carmel Preservation Society will be hosting a procession for the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel this Sunday, July 16th at 10am, to be followed by a lunch fundraiser.  All proceeds will be directed toward the Society’s efforts to fix the church and save the parish.

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June 26, 2017

WORCESTER, Mass. – The Mount Carmel Preservation Society strongly condemns Monsignor F. Stephen Pedone’s solicitation of buyers for the historic building.  The announcement that Msgr. Pedone is actively marketing the property follows the abrupt shuttering of the parish last year, absent the required formal decree from Bishop Robert Joseph McManus.

The Vatican is currently hearing an active appeal on behalf of parishioners protesting Bishop McManus’ decision to close Our Lady of Mount Carmel-St. Ann Parish, which remains consecrated. Attorney Brody Hale states that “as the Diocese of Worcester’s chief canon lawyer, Msgr. Pedone has consistently misinterpreted canon law throughout the course of events relating to the closure of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.”  Under canon law, Msgr. Pedone may consider no offer on the property until that appeal is concluded.

Msgr. Pedone has refused to consider any plan of action other than the demolition of the church, despite the community’s commitment to meet the financial and material requirements to preserve the building.  The Society is receptive to the sale of most of the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish property, so long as the church itself remains preserved and consecrated Roman Catholic sacred space.  Mrsgr. Pedone has failed to respond to any proposal made by the Society.  Counselor Hale notes that in doing so, Pedone ignores the success of numerous similar arrangements that have allowed the preservation of dozens of Catholic sacred spaces throughout the United States and Canada.

The Mount Carmel Preservation Society denounces Msgr. Pedone’s unnecessary and inflexible commitment to the sale and destruction of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church.  The members of the parish maintain their willingness to work with Pedone, the Diocese of Worcester, and the Magisterium to preserve the building and the community.

On behalf of the Society, local businessman Mauro DePasquale commented: “closing the Church is unjust. The unilateral treatment employed by the Monsignor and the Diocesan leadership is discouraging the faithful. Our beloved Church is a central part of Worcester’s Immigrant history, especially of its Italian Americans. We need to stand tall together to save this iconic building, one of Massachusetts’ top seven most endangered historic resource and architectural treasure.”

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