Mount Carmel Preservation Society a 501(c)(3) Organization

A grass roots community organization


President Mauro DePasquale.

The President is the main contact and spokesperson for the Society.

Vice President /Treasurer Carmelita Bello

Secretary Elaine Bafaro

Records Keeper Mary Lou Zamarro

Executive Board of Directors:

Amoret Beiter Zamarro, Jane Pastore, Jean Bowker, Patrick D’Santis, Phil Nigro, Angela Muisei, Barbara Lucci, Anne Mae Gentile, Anthony Vigliotti

Canon Advisory Brody Hale

Organization Activities


BOARD OF DIRECTORS  meet about once a month. Board members are a volunteer position.

COMMITTEE MEETINGS may vary ranging from as needed. Committees include but not limited to: Organizational, Canon and Legal, Fundraising, Grant Writing, Research, Membership Outreach and Promotions


Mount Carmel Preservation Society (MPS herein) is membership driven. Every one with a love for Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Italian Heritage or who appreciates the preservation of architectural history is welcomed to participate.

The general membership meets 2-4 times a year or as needed determined by the Board of Directors

Members receive vote on Items brought to table by the Board of Directors.



MPS is sustained via: Paid memberships, Donations, Sponsorship, fund drives and other fundraising programming.


Preservation and restoration of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church will be derived also from excess operational revenues and from but not limited to visitor and social media derived fundraising, Restricted Donations, Program and Historical Grants, Foundation Support. Sustainer Endowments and Annual Capital Pledge Drives, Sponsorships, monthly fundraising activities and events,  and other revenue / fundraising programming. Our work is methodical and always based upon Best non profit practices and professionalism.


Campaign to restore and preserve OLMTC as a sacred shrine or as historic treasure is pending Canonical appeal,


Internal policies and practices  may evolve to further organize resources and necessary tools to better facilitate and meet our mission and vision.

MISSION and VISION Revised in December 2017


MPS Mission and Vision Statement: The Mission of the Mount Carmel Preservation Society (MPS herein) is to Educate, and advocate and find ways to help alleviate the cost of the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish to FIX and Maintain the Church and SAVE the PARISH on Mulberry Street. We have two priority goals to save it from demolition and to re-open the Church (either as a Church or as a Shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Mount Carmel) for Masses, Weddings, funerals, and sacred events and activities, to save a sacred space for our parish family, friends, the devoted faithful, and community to gather and or to continue to celebrate Catholic Masses at the historic church on Mulberry Street, in Worcester, MA. The MPS expects to accomplish this through advocacy, education, canonical appeal, community events and programming, and a concerted parish and global wide fundraising programs, and to develop, suggest, and implement, if the Diocese is agreeable, a strong business plan that will address Our Lady of Mount Carmel Asset management and encourages an increase of parish member population, and also administering arts and cultural events and educational programming that is focused upon preserving the Italian American Traditions, Historical significance, Italian traditions and values.


MPS is a well-recognized organization playing an instrumental role in assuring the preservation of Our Lady Mount Carmel Church (and Parish if the Diocese is willing) on Mulberry St. and also in maintaining a strong viable community and parish rooted in our Italian American Historical Heritage and traditions and Italian and Italian American Arts, History and Culture, while embracing a diversity of community participation.