Contact your leaders to save Our Lady of Mount Carmel

It is critical that you act today to contact our government leaders, (Federal, State and Local), seek assurance they will do all that is possible to help us save our historic, and culturally significant church and community. While our Appeals in Vatican ARE STILL PENDING we need to be vigilant and to call attention to possible civil recourse. We are doing all we can to save the Church and we need your help.

– Here’s a simple way you can help. Please find herein, a basic template that members can edit and forward letters to all related politicians and leadership. Phone call or send a letter. The template includes a contact list for various legislators.

Do not limit your outreach to just Worcester, OLMC is one of the top 5 most endangered historic resources in the Commonwealth.

A great City is made so because it has the following qualities:

  • Is steeped in History and Culture;
  • has an abundance of Historic Structures such as Religious Buildings, Museums, ruins, galleries;
  • has a sense of community;
  • has a diverse environment;
  • has Open and inviting spaces and Parks;
  • and is Unique.

Our Lady of Mount is ALL OF THE ABOVE. God willing except for the “ruins”. MPS is working, raising money, reaching out, to save a sacred space and something that really is a part of ALL THAT IS WORCESTER, in every aspect of the above. We must all stand tall together to ensure we, as a people, as a city, are not diminished in anyway. SAVE OUT LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL!  MPS has appeals pending in Vatican of of this writing, and we are financial ready to pursue civil means if need be. We are on the move.

We had a great turnout of MPS members as well as state & city delegation representatives at our LEADERSHIP BREAKFAST this morning.

A special thank you to Senator Michael Moore, who stepped up to the plate concerning MA deed use restrictions placed on Mount Carmel many years ago. Thank you to the following community leaders that took time to attend the breakfast and further strategize:

  • Congressman Jim McGovern
  • State Senator Michael Moore
  • District Attorney Joe Early
  • State Representative Mary O’Keefe
  • State Representative Dan Donahue
  • Mayor Joe Petty

City Councilors:

  • Mo Bergman
  • Gary Rosen
  • Kate Toomey
  • and our own district Councilor Candy Mero-Carlson

We are asking our supporters to please contact our legislators to also thank them for their support and to continue to urge the Bishop to consider means possible to save the church.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel is everything that makes a city great.



Three important points to memorize:
*The Church facade has been already made safe and deemed safe by the City Inspectors,
* Better asset management and a solid fundraising plan can cover restoration and maintenance cost over the long term
* MCPS has the people/talent already working toward our mission, however it will take contributions from the entire community to succeed. Together we that can preserve the Church .


  1. The Church was closed suddenly on May 1, 2016.  From the pulpit parishioners were told that the City of Worcester mandated the building be closed due to safety reasons.   THE TRUTH:  City officials stated that they did not mandate the church be closed. A tie back costing between $90,000-$125,000 was required to reopen the front doors of the church.
  2. Since May 2016 Mount Carmel Preservation Society, Inc (MCPS) was formed by parishioners who reviewed the financial statements of Mt. Carmel and devised a plan to save the church through improved management of the assets of the parish.
  3. MCPS is a 501 © 3 corporation authorized to do due business in Massachusetts and is registered with the IRS.  Learn more about us here:
  4. MCPS wants to save the church, the parish, the community along with the historic building and artifacts that came from our ancestors.
  5. MCPS has filed two separate appeals with the Bishop on the merger of the parish with Our Lady of Loretto and the relegation of the building to profane not sordid use. The Bishop denied these, MCPS filed appeals at the Vatican.  Currently we have hired a lawyer who can present our cause to the Vatican high court.  OUR CHURCH BUILDING CANNOT BE SOLD UNTIL OUR APPEALS HAVE BEEN EXHAUSTED.  THIS IS PER CANON LAW.
  6. MCPS has kept the traditions alive that our ancestors brought with them from Italy. Such things as the Feast of Mount Carmel, Christmas parties and other events that the Mt. Carmel community can come together.
  7. MCPS exploring all options to keep the church building standing as a holy space, as a historic building, as a testament to our ancestors and their journey setting in Worcester and as a gem in the community.
  8. MCPS holds a weekly rosary, currently at the Mount Carmel Apartments on Sundays at 10 am.
  9. MCPS hopes to succeed in the Vatican appeals or through the purchase or gifting of the building. In order to make this a reality MCPS must be in a position to have funds available for whatever option becomes available.



To make a Pledge download and complete this form and send it to

MOUNT CARMEL PRESERVATION SOCIETY, c/o 146 Morningside Road, Worcester, MA 01602  :   PLEDGE FORM SOLO

To make a donation TODAY :

Send a check payable to : Mount Carmel Preservation Society C/O Commerce Bank, P.O. 15020, Worcester MA 01615-9955. Eric Pereira.


A Letter of Dispute

Angela Muise writes:

In the last paragraph in the 10/27/17 article which appeared in the Worcester Telegram about Mount Carmel Church, it stated “Monsignor F. Stephen Pedone, pastor of the merged Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish at Our Lady of Loreto Church and a noted canon lawyer who serves as the Worcester Diocese’s judicial vicar, did not return messages seeking comment.”

Could it be because in his heart he knows that the demolition of this historic, architectural gem will be a great loss to the Italian Community in Worcester and all the Italian parishioners that were a part of it, including himself! He grew up in an Italian family as a member of the parish and perhaps was encouraged to become a priest as a member of Mt. Carmel Church.

As a former member, priest, pastor and leader of the parish he failed by not doing more to save the parish and the beautiful church. “Thanks for the memories” doesn’t cut it and is not enough! Dwindling parishioners (as is happening in all Catholic Churches) isn’t enough, and dwindling collections (as is happening in all Catholic Churches) isn’t justification.

The Diocese planned to close this church years before Msgr. Pedone arrived as it’s last pastor. He seems apparent he was assigned to Mt. Carmel to close it and he succeeded.

Mt. Carmel parish was merged with Loretto parish, which also has dwindling parishioners and dwindling collections. A great majority of Mt. Carmel parishioners did not go to Loretto, and most are in limbo, heartbroken and losing faith due to the possibility of the destruction of their Church, in the way the closing was handled. Many parishioners have become active members of the Mount Carmel Preservation Society, whose goal is to save the Church from being demolished and save their Italian heritage.

It is the responsibility of the Diocese led be the Bishop to serve their parishioners who support their church and over the years Mt. Carmel was financially supported by their parishioners past and present and up to it’s closing remained among the top ten parishes for their monetary collections.

We were mislead when told the Church was not safe and abruptly closed and locked. The Church was ordered by the City with influence by the Historical Society to be made safe to be structurally sound, and that was accomplished. Any evaluation of the inside has been rejected. The City of Worcester engineer stated before a City Council Meeting that the Church does not need to be demolished. Whatever inside work that needs repair, i.e. ceiling rosettes could have been completed and any other repairs made over a period of time. That’s the plan the Diocese could have taken and kept the parish active and performed weekly Mass in the adjacent Mt. Carmel Recreation Center until knition repairs made. The reverse merger should have been made with Loretto coming to Mt. Carmel and that church closed.

With proper planing, proper leadership and fundraising Mt. Carmel parish did not have to be merged with Loretto, but the long term plan of the Diocese was their determination to sell Mt. Carmel Church and surrounding campus to enhance their coffers by Millions. This is their plan, as shown in an elaborate marketing brochure created by their real estate representative.

The long range plan of the Mount Carmel Preservation Society seeks to save the Church from demolition and do any and all that can be done via Cannon law and any other means, the save the Church as a Shrine to Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Keep the structure a scared place, and have celebratory Masses, weddings, funerals from time to time and reach out to all neighbors to work with us for their benefit. The Mount Carmel Preservation Society will aim to maintain the Shrine and sustain it for sacred usage by any and all who wish to be a part of it. We pray for the blessings of the Msgr. and Bishop to attain this status. It could happen! It should happen! Sell the balance of the campus, but retain the Church as a Shrine to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

Upcoming fundraisers and Mount Carmel events

  • We are hosting an Italian Music and Dinner Show at Mechanics Hall this Saturday, June 17. For tickets contact Nancy Iagallo at
  • We will be celebrating the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel with a procession July 17. For procession information (or tickets to the optional luncheon that day) contact Nancy Iagallo at
  • We’re holding a 50/50 raffle fundraiser; for more info contact Pat DeSantis at or at 508- 340-3796.

“Mount Carmel preservationists building momentum before church closure anniversary”

Worcester Magazine:

The crux of MPS members’ complaints is that the church does not have a revenue problem, as church pastor Stephen Pedone and others have claimed, but instead a fiscal management problem, complaining of things ranging from a lack of initiative to make money off a nearby recreation center to a failure to seek insurance money for problems in the past. Under better management, they argue, the church could thrive, pointing to 2015 donation numbers that are above many other area parishes.

Press conference planned for Monday, April 24

Monday, April 24, 2017 6:30PM
24 Mulberry St., Worcester, MA


The church was neglected by the Diocese of Worcester who had a fiduciary responsibility to assure its maintenance, knowing that viable solutions to repair and sustain it are available and at hand. It is scheduled for demolition in May, 2017.
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church is a community anchor, an iconic, irreplaceable historically significant cultural center as well as a centerpiece for Worcester’s large Italian American population. It was also awarded the distinction as one of the top seven historic resources in Massachusetts.

The Mount Carmel Preservation Society is working diligently to save Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church. It is unjust to see this historical treasure demolished unnecessarily.

Please take a minute to watch our video:

Your support in any way, be it in-kind service or donation would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You!

Mauro DePasquale


Mount Carmel Preservation Society

“Massachusetts Parishioners Fighting to Save Historic Church”

Church Militant: Massachusetts Parishioners Fighting to Save Historic Church:

Parishioners concede Our Lady is in need of repairs but only because the diocese has neglected to undertake basic repairs. For instance, the diocese neglected to file an insurance claim when the church began showing signs of water damage. And the repairs are not so severe that the building needed be torn down. The city building inspector said in a recent public hearing that there was no need for the church to be knocked down.

Advocates believe Mount Carmel has a bright future. The parish was one of the top revenue-drawing parishes in 2015, and parishoners claim it can continue receiving tithes and donations. The church has been nominated to the National Register of Historic Buildings.

“At vigil, Mount Carmel faithful pray church will rise again”

Worcester Telegram & Gazette: At vigil, Mount Carmel faithful pray church will rise again:

WORCESTER – Parishioners hoping to save Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church from the wrecking ball are praying for a miracle this Easter season.

Opponents of the planned demolition of the historic Italian Catholic church held a prayer vigil Thursday in front of the shuttered landmark.

About 20 longtime members of the parish said the rosary in front of the chain-link fence barricading the front of the church on Mulberry Street, steps from Interstate 290.

“You gotta believe,” said Anna Gentile, 80, of Worcester, rosary beads in hand. “You’ve got to have faith. With God, everything’s possible, correct?”

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church parishioner Royce Rodriguez, 4, of Worcester places a lily on the doorstep of the church Thursday. [Photo/Paul Connors]