Important Mt. Carmel meeting May 21 at 6pm

Please attend the working membership meeting on May 21 at 6pm as we prepare for our Court hearing which will be at the end of the month. The meeting will be at WCCA, 415 Main St., Worcester, MA.

  1. MPS is in court because we seek the RIGHT to be heard, as ALL stake holders do. The right to contribute information, ideas, opinions and money we can raise, to aid and or to be considered in the decision process as to the reuse of this historic church building (Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church on Mulberry Street).
  2. Its demolition represents a major and devastating change in our environment and to our community.
  3. The Law requires this is given to us. The Public has a right to be at the table.
  4. We need time to allow for further study, assessment, and consideration to find a sustainable purpose for this, one of top seven, most endangered historic resources in the Commonwealth.