A great City is made so because it has the following qualities:

  • Is steeped in History and Culture;
  • has an abundance of Historic Structures such as Religious Buildings, Museums, ruins, galleries;
  • has a sense of community;
  • has a diverse environment;
  • has Open and inviting spaces and Parks;
  • and is Unique.

Our Lady of Mount is ALL OF THE ABOVE. God willing except for the “ruins”. MPS is working, raising money, reaching out, to save a sacred space and something that really is a part of ALL THAT IS WORCESTER, in every aspect of the above. We must all stand tall together to ensure we, as a people, as a city, are not diminished in anyway. SAVE OUT LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL!  MPS has appeals pending in Vatican of of this writing, and we are financial ready to pursue civil means if need be. We are on the move.

We had a great turnout of MPS members as well as state & city delegation representatives at our LEADERSHIP BREAKFAST this morning.

A special thank you to Senator Michael Moore, who stepped up to the plate concerning MA deed use restrictions placed on Mount Carmel many years ago. Thank you to the following community leaders that took time to attend the breakfast and further strategize:

  • Congressman Jim McGovern
  • State Senator Michael Moore
  • District Attorney Joe Early
  • State Representative Mary O’Keefe
  • State Representative Dan Donahue
  • Mayor Joe Petty

City Councilors:

  • Mo Bergman
  • Gary Rosen
  • Kate Toomey
  • and our own district Councilor Candy Mero-Carlson

We are asking our supporters to please contact our legislators to also thank them for their support and to continue to urge the Bishop to consider means possible to save the church.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel is everything that makes a city great.