MPS member provides words of encouragment

” My name is Tina Giamei Sunden and I am a member of Our Lady of Mt Carmel
Church. I say member because I have not given up hope that this will
change. I’ve been going to Mt Carmel since 1973 it is part of my
heritage, part of my life growing up. My siblings and I had our
sacraments there, my father’s funeral was there as were the sacraments of
my own children.

To tear Mt Carmel down is to take away the heritage of the Italians of
Worcester. It’s more than just a church it’s a symbol of who we are. It
was built by the Italians who came here and made a life in Worcester, now
someone wants to suddenly wipe it away as if it never existed. I implore
you to take a moment to think about this. While it might not mean
anything to some people it means EVERYTHING to the family of Our Lady of
Mt Carmel, and I say family because it is what the parishioners of Mt
Carmel are we are a “family”. We are asking the bishop to Please reconsider the
destruction of our

Banding together we have put a halt to the tearing down of our beloved church
however we have a short window of time to get the church safe enough to hold masses
once again. We have a Go Fund Me Page along with events to raise the money needed.
If you could please broadcast our efforts it would be greatly appreciated.”
Tina Giamei

Thank you Tina !