Mount Carmel Preservation Society

Over 70 members of The Mount Carmel Preservation Society officially formed the foundation for it’s non-profit status last night on June 20, 2016
Meeting JUNE 20_2016

Elected Officers are President Mauro DePasquale, Vice President / Treasurer Carmelita Bello, Secretary Elaine Bafaro
The Elected Officers will be appointment Board members and the Board members will propose By-Laws for the general assembly to approve.

Our Mission: to FIX the Church and SAVE the PARISH on Mulberry Street. We have two priority goals to save it from demolition and to repair and re-open the Church for Masses, to save our parish family on Mulberry Street. To accomplish this through a concerted fundraising programs, a strong business plan that address Our Lady of Mount Carmel Asset management and encourages an increase of parish member population and also t embrace the diversity of the community to participate in our mission.
Our Vision: MCPS and instrumental role in assuring the preservation of Our Lady Mount Carmel Church and Parish on Mulberry and also in maintaining a strong viable parish rooted in our Italian American Historical Heritage.

Mount Carmel Preservation (MPS) is working to preserve Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church and Parish. If successful we will soon see masses back in Mulberry Street and our long term viability program will sustain operations and programs there well into the future. It will take $220,000 to make the Church Save and functional, over a 5 year plan cosmetic issues will also be addressed. Its doable and our MPS is determined. We invite the Sons of Italy, the Worcester Knights, the CYC, and other parishioners to join our effort. Contact Mauro DePasquale at to get involved. Let’s work to Fix our Church and Save our Parish on Mulberry St. +