One more positive step. Mount Carmel Preservation Society is now allowed to meet in the Recreation Center of OLMTC Campus

A small number of us met with Monsignor Pedone and Vicar General Fr. Reidy last night at the Mount Carmel recreation Center. Thank you for your prayers THEY WORK +

Without going into minute details here is the outcome:

Monsignor Pedone will allow us to have our Mount Carmel Preservation Society meetings in the recreation center. These will have to be scheduled in advance as to not conflict with other activities there.

Monsignor Pedone is opened to having Mass in the recreation center until HOWEVER this first requires permission from the Bishop. We can expect and answer from the Bishop’s Vicar in about a week or so regarding that.

We request a commitment from the DIOCESE that if the Mount Carmel Preservation Society and it’s supporters can come forward, ready to implement a sound Fundraising, business plan within it built in strategic plan for building repairs, sustainability and a viable parish, the Diocese will guanatee we will have immediate access to the Recreation Center, have masses celebrated there until we can move into the Church building once it is made safe to occupy.

We expect an answer from teh Bishop in about a week. If his answer is positive we will succeed with our plan, if his anwser is negative the MCPS will decide upon the next step.

IF we, as the MCPS can prove through a solid and what will need to be a comprehensive strategic / business plan, that we can raise $ 210,000 in TWELVE MONTHS to cover the cost for the “Make Safe” repairs which includes the banding around the tower, water proofing, tie backs to stabilize the facade, and the ceiling rosettes, there is a CHANCE we will be allowed to have mass in the Church building again, PROVIDED THE BISHOP IS AGREEABLE.

Along with our ability to raise the cash the Bishop wants to see a viability plan worked into our strategic plan. In other words a plan to increase the number of people coming to weekly masses.

All in all ideally according to the Diocese we need to raise 1.3 million and have a business plan that will make the Church and parish viable.

We hope to first hear from the Bishop’s answer regarding Masses in the recreation Center.

The ability to have Mass at the Recreation Center, with a guarantee that if we can raise the $210,000 to make the Church safe, we can have Masses in the Church when it’s safe, is what we need FIRST in order to move forward.

In the meantime, until my next email I am asking all of you , especially our Captains, to begin thinking of how you can contribute to develop the funds needed and the solid plan. We will need to shore up our organization, and begin to develop a business plan to:

1. Raise as soon as possible 210,000 with a total goal of 1.3 Million ( pledges, actual cash donations, grants, fund raising programs, annual donors drive, a calendar of affordable events to raise money, etc.)
2. Increase parish attendance and weekly basket donations at OLMC masses in the recreation center ( if the Bishop approves the Center for use )
3.Review, propose and implement a new strategy to handle parish finances, expenses, and asset management.
4. To increase volunteer contributions to defray some internal parish cost.
5. To better monetize property and assets over the longer term ( Rent parking lot, increase Rec center rentals, hold church tours, concerts and other fund raising events on site , ongoing fund development plans and schedules, etc. )
6. I am calling for a strong branded campaign designed to give us a strong public presence, we will need strong community partnerships, support from notable and able community members

Our NEXT MEETING IS SCHEDULED for MONDAY JUNE 20th. We will answer more questions at that time.

There is a lot of work to be done. I am counting on everyone to participate. We will need more than ideas, we will need doers.

Thank You
God Bless you and God Bless Our Lady Of Mount Carmel