God Really Does Work In Mysterious Ways

Our parish family felt shattered when hear our Church will be closed and that the Parish will be forced to merge with another. We rallied, organized and fought and continue to fight hard with hearts fixed on Mary and Her Son Jesus.

Some of us who came together to support our effort to FIX the CHURCH and SAVE the PARISH were criticized for “COMING OUT OF THE WOOD WORK” as one news paper put it.

I realized that with all the strife, the sacrifice and effort placed toward saving our beloved Church and parish, that there is so much more to it. People are coming back. Not to just our church but to their Faith and to the loving witness of Christ that exist in HIS CHURCH no matter which neighborhood the Parish resides in.

Here is an example I left out the persons name for privacy reasons:
“Dear Mauro
I have been one of the long lost, come out of the woodwork ones the womag talked about. But you all didn’t care you didn’t skip a beat, I showed up & you’ve included and respected me like I’ve been there all along (in my heart I have) I can not begin to put into words how much that has meant to me, and I love you all for it! I’ll never be lost again I’m right where I should be now!
Just had to tell you that & say Thank You ….”

Alleluia ! Our Church and Parish has historical significance and our Diocese has changed the locks and locked us out, but THANK GOD our Parishioners are showered in HIS ever loving GRACE and strive to share GOd’s love on earth.