Mount Carmel Preservation Society Met with the Bishop Here’s the Results

Carmelita wrote:

After our disappointing meeting yesterday with the bishop, Pedone, Fr. Reidy, Jeff & Al from the ineffectual and impotent finance committee of our beloved Mount Carmel I have a new take on their insistent denial to grant any all proposals to keep the Mt. Carmel property an active church.

We asked if we raised the money for the church would it be reopened for mass–NO
We asked can we have mass in the center–NO
We asked if by some chance if we raised money for a smaller church could we build it–NO

They were insistent that F. Stephen Pedone wants to keep the center as an Italian Culture Center. Yet F. Stephen has renounced his membership in the Sons of Italy, has had little if any contact with the Italian community until his arrival at our parish and his only connection is his last name.
The only reason they wanted us at the table is to raise money for the center.

We asked would the diocese entertain putting the land into an incorporated parish, part of the diocese with the land owned by parish not the bishop –NO. The bishop did share that in Rhode Island that is how that diocese operates.

How ignorant do they think we are to once again raise money for an entity that neither respects us or allows us to be part of the process.

We need to continue this process in the courts, in the city, state and federal arenas and in the public domain.

No where else is it permitted to buy property and maintain it for decades and not have a right to it.

The Catholic Church must start to change from the autocratic to the inclusive administration of the faithful.

Today there are at least 200 communities and a million people who belong to alternative Catholic groups.

There may just be another one formed if things don’t change quickly.