Comment Following Our Meeting with Bishop McManus

It makes no sense to not try to fix the Church and Save the Parish. After spending over 1 million on the roof, another $120,000 plus an opportunity to work with capable parish members to fully restore the Church over a few years, wouldn’t that be worth preserving a beautiful historic church and Parish? Just imagine, in a year or more down the road, if and whatever development project emerges there, it will be nothing but slap in the face of the glorious history all the past generations, and beauty of the Church that is there today. Nothing will fill the whole of such a vibrant parish community as Our Lady of Mount Carmel . The Diocese may lease it or sell it for some pay off but it will be at the expense of loosing more members. All the while some opportunist/developers will reap 200 fold or more. That will be a huge unjust situation for all Catholics in Worcester. By the way, all churches have dwindling parishioners and crumbling buildings. Throwing “good money after bad ” was used a lot by Diocesean officials as we appealed to save the church. I wonder if this will be the new buzz phrase for which ever church is next. Think about what that phrase means to those parishioners who feel abandoned , who after having “served their purpose” are told “just go 3 miles up the road”. Why?  To go and bail out that church?
Mount Carmel Preservation Society has a solution but it will require openness and dialogue, however, a Diocese unwilling to include all its parishioners appears destined to fail.